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How to Maintain silicone rubber commodities?
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  • Now, it is almost everything in our life need the maintenance,such as cars, furniture, and home appliances, and also the silicone rubber commodities. Though more and more different silicone rubber products are available in the market, many people still do not understand silicone rubber products, so they do not maintain the silicone rubber commodities cause the life of these products will not be very long.

       Silicone rubber product is durable and long life, but you may find usually, it is pity to abandon the silicone rubber product because it is not damaged, but just faded or deformed or with smell, such as your favor silicone rubber phone-case, wristband of smart watch. This essay try to introduce some methods of silicone rubber products maintenance.



      1.Prevent the long time exposure to liquids, because the performance of silicone rubber material will be damaged and the aging rate will be increasing, and them get weak.  

      2. Oxidation will damage the structure of silicon atoms, increase the aging rate,reduce the elasticity of silicone rubber material, so prevent the silicone rubber products from exposing in the air directly too much.  

      3. Heat will lead silicone molecular cracking and crosslinking, speed up the oxidation and resulting in fading and deformation on silicone rubber products, so they should be kept far away from high temperature.


      4.Glare, especially is the ultraviolet will lead silicone molecular cracking and crosslinking, reduce the performance of the silicone rubber material, cause the fading and deformation, so keep silicone rubber products away from glare. 

      In a words, to ensure the silicone rubber products keep in good performance: 1. Keep them away from the sharp items to avoid damaged. 2. Keep away from the heat or high temperature to avoid destroy or burn. 3. Do not bend. 4. Try to clean in warm water,  wipe with dust-free cloth, and then keep in a ventilated place. 5. Try to clean with toothpaste when there is little stains, do not expose to the sun after the cleaning. 6.Silicone material is static and high-adsorb, do not place in the dusty, or it will be very difficult to clean.

       Hope you find the ways to maintain your silicone rubber commodities with our introduction, any other question please contact with Young Thai Craft Gift Company Limited.


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